Sunday, April 6, 2014

Orange Boots - Poem #6 for April 2014 Poetry Project

Learn about this, my April 2014 Poetry Project, HERE!

Orange Boots
Photo by Amy LV

Students -  Yesterday afternoon, after visiting the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair with my daughter Georgia and friend Karla, we visited a thrift store in downtown Buffalo, NY.  I took a few more thing-pictures to have on hand for this week's writing.  Later in the evening, I drove Hope to a sleepover, and on my drive home, I thought about all of these thrift store pictures.  Which one would be next?

The boots!  The boots!  They shouted to me.  (I've been looking forward to them all week.)

And guess what?  I do not have paper drafts to share with you today.  The reason is that I began this poem in my head, driving, and then when I got home...I rushed to the computer to write the first four lines, still fresh in my head.  It was too scary to leave the poem and it, well, mostly poured out in a rain of bootjoy!  Sometimes this happens; writing just comes.  I like the feel of this poem; it reminds me of when I feel simply happy about a colorful new/old object.

In case you were wondering, usually I would not use the word really over and over again in a poem.  I did this on purpose in today's verse, to add to the childlike feeling of enthusiasm.

One thing that truly matters to me in a rhyming poem is that the rhyming words make complete sense, that the words are meaningful.  I never want you to read one of my poems and say to yourself, "Well, Amy kind of forced THAT rhyme."  If you ever say this to yourself, would you please tell me?  (Real friends do that, you know.  They also tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.)

Last year at this time I wrote a wordsmush poem about red boots.  Who knows?  Maybe I am destined to write a color boot poem each year of my life.

Throughout today you may still leave a comment and thereby enter my Post-It Note giveaway over at Sharing Our Notebooks.  Don't miss Mary's notebook poem celebration.

And in yesterday's ("Clock") post, I offered a giveaway of two books here: one copy of THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR SCIENCE compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong and one copy of my own FOREST HAS A SONG. Each Saturday of April, I will offer this same giveaway here, for eight books in all.  Thank you to Sylvia and Janet for your generosity.

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  1. Wonderful words, Wonderful voice. Thanks for encouraging us all to look at life more excitedly and with the perspective of youth.

  2. Oh, I want them too! They are gorgeous and shiny and perfect for puddles.

  3. Why, yes, I DO think they are just your style!

    And yes, I WOULD tell you if you had spinach in your teeth! :-)

  4. I am standing proudly with Mary Lee and Liz. They are great boots especially for Syracuse fans LOL but really I love that voice... the "really really need those boots" child. Love. I look forward to these poems, Amy.
    Janet F.

  5. Amy,
    Truthfully, when I opened your post this morning and saw those orange boots, I thought, "These are the ugliest boots I have ever seen.They look like they should be part of a duck costume." OK, partly because I really don't like orange, expect when it's associated with the Denver Broncos. By the time I finished reading your poem, I wanted those orange boots too, to splash in puddles. And one of the things I think is most amazing about your poems is your rhyming ability. They almost never feel forced! Carol

  6. I loved the childlike voice of this poem today, Amy. And I really enjoyed reading about your process. I love your rhyme and I think you are a master at coming up with rhyme and rhythm that come together easily and naturally. I will tell you when they don't. Also will tell you about the spinach. Will you do the same with me and my writing--and the spinach, too! Love your blog this month. xxoo Deb

  7. Fun to read everyone's happy responses to those boots, Amy! They really, really like them, just like you wrote! It's great when something comes together so beautifully like that, isn't it? You did find a more child-like voice in this poem, just nice to hear. As always, thank you!

  8. If your weather is like our weather, grab the boots!


  9. I LOVE the photo of the boots. First, they are a great color. Second, the perspective of the photo makes them look really big. The poem is fun and very child-like. Thanks for sharing this. I am so enjoying this whole thrift-store series.

  10. Love the boots and the rollicking rhythm.

  11. Love the boots and the rollicking rhythm.