Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 5 - National Poetry Month 2015 - Sing That Poem!

Happy National Poetry Month!
Welcome to Day 5 of this Year's Poem Farm Project!

Find the Complete April 2015 Poem and Song List Here

First, I would like to welcome all old and new friends to The Poem Farm this April. Spring is a busy time on all farms, and this one is no exception.  Each April, many poets and bloggers take on special poetry projects, and I'm doing so too.  You can learn all about Sing That Poem! and how to play on my April 1st post, where you will also find the list of the whole month's poems and tunes as I write and share them.  If you'd like to print out a matching game page for yourself, you can find one here, and during April 2015, you'll be able to see the song list right over there in the left hand sidebar.

Yesterday's poem was Sharing.  Here is the tune that goes along with it, below. Did you figure it out?

And here, below, is today's poem.  Look at the song list in the sidebar or on your matching form to see if you can puzzle out which tune matches this one.

Snowdrops and Snow
Photo by Amy LV

Students - It's snowdrop time!  These are special days; I love walking to my front door, just seeing those little faces greeting me.  One of the funny parts of this time of year is not being sure what season it actually is. When our children were little, they would argue, "It's spring!" because the calendar said so.  But sometimes the calendar and the temperature don't seem to agree.  My friend Deb Bussewitz wrote a great poem about this, titled, March Tug-o-War, and I always think about Deb's words at this time of year.

People often ask, "Where do you get your ideas?" and I say that they come from everywhere.  They come from what we see and what we read.  Ideas come from plants outside our door and surprises that delight us year after year. I thought about today's idea in the shower, just singing to myself as the water fell down.

I have written about snowdrops before, in First Snowdrop, the first-ever haiku at The Poem Farm - in 2011.  Snowdrops are some of the first flowers we see here in Western New York each spring, and they always fill me with wonder and hope.  I giggled a bit to read that older post, to remember that I wrote some of each of these snowdrop poems in the shower.  Funny!

Go outside!  Look around!  Read lots of poems!  Take showers!  All of this will help your writing grow!.

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  1. Shower poems! Yes! :) Also driving poems. And mopping/sweeping/vacuuming poems. I guess repetitive, mundane tasks free the imagination ?? xo

  2. Very fun, just like our week last week-sunny mostly, snow on Wednesday! Your rhythm is fun, but the song has me stumped! I'll keep trying!

  3. I get ideas while brushing my teeth and blow-drying my hair! I always think that all that rhythmic stimulation near my ears and brain must be having their effect--and I'm sure Irene is right also about repetitive and mundane tasks.

    I'm on a roll now--I got April 3 right, I think I've got the 4th and I'm sure I've got today's superfun one too....Meanwhile, with a tulip here and a daffodil there, here a crocus, there a crocus, Spring is making hocus-pocus in my part of the world!

  4. For someone who sings in the choir, I am having a tough time with this challenge. I really appreciate Heidi's hint. I thought yesterday was Itsy Bitsy spider. I'll keep trying.