Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 8 - National Poetry Month 2015 - Sing That Poem!

Happy National Poetry Month!
Welcome to Day 8 of this Year's Poem Farm Project!

Find the Complete April 2015 Poem and Song List Here

First, I would like to welcome all old and new friends to The Poem Farm this April. Spring is a busy time on all farms, and this one is no exception.  Each April, many poets and bloggers take on special poetry projects, and I'm doing so too.  You can learn all about Sing That Poem! and how to play on my April 1st post, where you will also find the list of the whole month's poems and tunes as I write and share them.  If you'd like to print out a matching game page for yourself, you can find one here, and during April 2015, you'll be able to see the song list right over there in the left hand sidebar.

Yesterday's poem was Greefee Wumpa.  Here is the tune that goes along with it, below. Did you figure it out?

And here, below, is today's poem.  Look at the song list in the sidebar or on your matching form to see if you can puzzle out which tune matches this one.

Henry's Deer Shed - Found on April 7, 2015
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Yesterday, I had the opportunity to Skype with the first grade students at Darby Creek Elementary School in Hilliard, Ohio.  One of the questions they asked me was, "Where do you find your ideas?"  

Yesterday's Skype Visit - Hi Friends!
Photo by Cathy Mere

Well, friends - today's poem is a perfect example of finding ideas in the moment. There I was, lying on the couch, humming today's song to myself, wondering....wondering....wondering...."What should I write about?"

Suddenly, my son Henry walked in the front door.  He'd been out in the field, throwing his new boomerang, and he came in calling, "Mom! I have something you are going to love.  You will love this."

Henry walked right over to me, placing a small deer antler in my hand.  See, as he had  looked for his boomerang, Henry found a surprise that he never would have found had he been indoors.  White-tailed bucks lose their antlers between January and April of each year, and this little shed must have come from young buck.  (To learn how to become a good shed hunter, here is an article from FIELD AND STREAM.)

At that moment, after I thanked Henry, the first two lines of today's poem jumped right into my head:

Look what I found in the field --
An antler from a small deer.

And once again, my poemsong is longer than the actual song - hint!

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  1. When we went to our cabin in the mountains, we found so many special things, bones & antlers, wisps of fur where animals rubbed against trees. Your farm must be a wonderful place to "look", Amy. Love the way you created the poem from Henry's 'find'.

  2. Amy,
    We so enjoyed chatting with you yesterday! Thanks for more about thinking about how you get your ideas. Now if only someone would walk through my door with an idea for today's poem. ;o)