Friday, July 24, 2015

Sometimes I Sit and Wonder - A List Poem

Talking Barn
by Amy LV

Students - This, as you have likely noticed, is a list poem.  Yesterday I was sitting at a picnic table in our back pasture, writing as I looked around the world.  When my eyes landed on our barn, I found myself thinking about way back before our time, when cows lived in there.  I started wondering if the barn misses those cows, thing led to another.  It was fun to think about the different things in my life that might wish to tell me something.

Do you ever just sit outside, look around, and think and wonder?  I highly recommend it as a neat way to find out what's rattling around up in your attic mind!

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  1. If everything could talk, I'll bet you would stop chewing on your pen :-)! You make me want to write a list poem, Amy. Happy Poetry Friday!

  2. Amy,

    I enjoy writing list poems. I also enjoy imagining what different animals, plants, inanimate objects might say if they could talk and writing mask poems in their voices.

    Looking at the list of your forthcoming books, I can tell that you have been one busy lady. Congratulations! You are a talented poet. I can't wait to read your books when they are published.

    As you know, I had been away from posting at Wild Rose Reader for a long time...for a number of reasons. When my daughter and son-in-law took family leave after the birth of my second granddaughter in March, I had more free time. I decided to refocus my creative energies toward writing children's poetry again.

    I wish you much success with all of your books!

  3. I don't think I would want my cheese sandwich to talk to me. Love this list poem!

  4. It is such fun to wonder. I'm sitting outside right now wondering what one particularly loud bird is chattering on about!

  5. A fun list poem!

  6. I love list poems, and I especially love your melancholy barn!

  7. I may struggle with eating dinner tonight, Amy! Clever imagining, & I connect with that old barn, so many memories lay in there.

  8. Amy,
    This was a good one. You stretched your imagination from the pen in your hand to the old barn. Good stretching exercise. ;)

    I see this as a possible collection of "Sometimes I wonder...thoughts while bathing, running, studying, playing, etc. You could do it!

  9. I love all the stories I can infer...the books in the tub, the neglected bear, the pen.

    A lovely poem and a wondrous wondering!

  10. What a fun list poem. I hope your cheese sandwich is in a nourishing mood when it speaks!

  11. Well, Amy, when the temperature is 90+ with a heat index of +100, I am not inspired to sit outside and wonder. But I do love how the strangest things can become a poem. Like does the barn miss the cows? Hmm. " Wonder and Think. Think and Wonder." (Dr. Seuss)

  12. Ha! That cheese sandwich would say, make sure I'm good and melty before your bite into me. :) I love your wonderings, Amy! :)

  13. Poor barn! Thanks for the ponderings, Amy. The cheese sandwich question makes even this vegetarian a little discomfited. ;0)


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