Friday, October 2, 2015

Two Pieces - A Broken Heart Poem

Photo by Amy LV

Students - Sometimes I feel a great need to write about something. Today that something is peace.  In the light of too many shootings on our streets, in our schools, in this country, I do feel like I am holding my heart in two pieces.  As I glue it back together with love, I commit to helping our country work toward peace.

When you find yourself not sure what to think about a difficult situation, know that writing is always here for us.  It may not make the bad thing go away, but it can help us understand it...and sometimes through our writing, we can find a way to heal or even a way out.

Peace to you all this week. 

This month you can find a wonderful post at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks. Cynthia Grady, author of I LAY MY STITCHES DOWN: POEMS OF AMERICAN SLAVERY shares some of her favorite notebooks, behind the scenes of this beautiful book, and she offers a giveaway too.

Tomorrow is the last day of Banned Books Week 2015, and I was honored to find this read-out of my poem "Are You There, God?" in celebration of this week. Thank you to Mr. Pace and his Honors II English class from Salmon, Idaho, for sharing this great public service announcement on You Tube.  Read what you wish to read!

Heidi is hosting today's Poetry Friday and the #Diversiverse today over at My Juicy Little Universe. Stop by her place for an important post and to check out this week's poetry roundup.

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  1. Teacup heart is a great image. Gluing it back together will take love, time, and extra kindness (for others *and* ourselves) xoxo

  2. So many breaking hearts over this senseless violence. Thanks for your poem. I love what you say about writing as a way to help us through difficult times, joining you in prayers for peace.

  3. Sigh. Thanks for expressing what so many of us are feeling. Why is peace so elusive?

  4. I like this very much; a teacup is an apt metaphor. I collect teacups, and just don't drink out of the ones which have hairline fractures... they're no less beautiful or valuable, though. Though broken, they still hold tea...

  5. Praying for peace with you, Amy, you old teacup heart. Praying for removal of anger and fear, replacing it with joy and hope. Praying that people be willing to lay aside grudges and learn forgiveness. Praying for easy, affordable access to mental health treatment and medication.

  6. Thank you, Amy, for your poem and your commitment. "...people are walking / right by me and living" brought tears to my eyes. Waving and praying with you.

  7. Amy,
    Your poem of peace and the one read for Banned Books Week touched me. A perfect choice for the public service announcement. The tea cup image and comments about the world continuing on, were spot on too.

  8. Your poem has so much value in its universality. Our hearts are broken over and over. It's too much to take sometimes, and your poem helped me see we can all be the glue. We must be.

  9. It's hard to see, sometimes, how others can go on living while our hearts are bruised and our minds cannot comprehend how to persist in this world. And then we see a flower, or a newborn's smile, and we put one foot in front of the other to reach out in hope. Hugs to you and your teacup heart. xoxo

  10. The violence is one thing, but our desensitization is, I think, just as alarming. The violence is so rampant that we are losing our ability to be brokenhearted and outraged. How ever will we mend our broken world? Perhaps one poem at a time.

  11. 45 school shootings, one for every week of the President's current term, times an uncounted number of broken tea cup hearts for each one. Let us boil the kettle of peace--which is a hot and dynamic reaction.

    Poignant poem, Amy.

  12. Amy,
    You have captured the feeling of many as our hearts break over the continued senseless violence. What caught my attention most about your poem is the truth in the lines. There are many times in life where are hearts truly feel broken in two; yet, as you said, the "sun fills the morning/ sparrows sing." Life goes on as if it quickly forgets what we know and are feeling.

    Like you, I'm praying for peace.


  13. How awesome is that? A group of young people reading your poem. And posted on Youtube no less? AWESOME!


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