Friday, December 4, 2015

Enchanted by a Candle - Writing from an Object

Warmed by Light
by Amy LV

Students - I missed you last week!  For Thanksgiving, our family visited my sister's family in Vermont where we ate lots of turkey and laughed and hugged.  Last Poetry Friday we were making the long drive back home to Holland, NY, and while I thought about Poetry Friday, I did not join in.

Today, my mind turns to candles.  It is winter, and one of my most favorite things to do during winter is to light candles.  I love to watch the flames and love to cup my hands around the glowing light, love to stare and wonder and allow my thoughts to travel about.

Candles are a part of many religious and spiritual traditions, perhaps because the warm light of a candle offers hope in the cold - we can cook with flame, and we can see by it; our bodies and our dreams are warmed and rekindled.

I adore words that go with candles too: fiery, glow, warm, kindle, flame, golden, heat, yellow, light.

Today I wrote about an object I care about.  This is always a great way to begin a piece of writing.  Think of an object you care about.  I suggest choosing something non-commercial, something different than a video game or a phone.  Close your eyes and travel around your life looking at simple joys, at things that connect you to family members or traditions or rituals or stories.  Consider making a list of words in your notebook that go along with your cared-for object, and if you wish, you might write a poem using one or more of your words.

Much much gratitude to you for your overwhelming and beautiful response to my "Welcome" post celebrating the work of Stitch Buffalo two weeks ago.  I continue to send birds and pouches and bracelet cuffs to many happy people, and the people at Stitch are tremendously grateful for your support.

I am thankful and honored to to host author and illustrator Peter Catalanotto over at Sharing Our Notebooks this month.  Please stop by and look at the notebooks of this prolific creator!  Peter has generously offered two signed books for giveaways to commenters on this post as well.

Buffy is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Buffy's Blog.  Please visit her place to find this week's gathering of poetry lovers and all of their links.  Know that all people are always welcome to visit, follow links, and share their own!

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  1. I adore this poem and candle light. Last year we spent Christmas in the mountains and went to a tiny church where the minister had each person light a candle and share what it is they shine on the world. Then we all sang this little light of mine. Very special.

    PS I've missed you

  2. I received a candle at a favorite thing gift exchange this week. Your poem inspires me to light the candle so I can watch the flame, think of stories, and be filled with peace and light. Thanks, Amy, for the light and caring you spread in our world through your words.

  3. Your poem makes me feel so warm and cozy. There's something so comforting and romantic about candlelight. :)

  4. Winter, and I'm lighting candles every night, Amy. Your poem reflects the simply good feelings one has from their light. Special evenings come to mind!

  5. Nothing warmer than candles on a December night--lovely poem, Amy!

  6. Oh, I have much catching up to do over here!
    Thanks for the warm, wonderful light of your poem today.
    I might have recently bought nine packs (of nine!) LED tea lights for Morgan's wedding reception next June... not quite the same as real, flickering flames, but I've been warming up to candles of all sorts lately, too. :0)

  7. Amy,
    Your poem's ending reminded me of an old hymn's lyrics. I believe it's called, "I Have a Story to Tell to the Nations." It includes these words: a story of peace and light. Very comforting--like your poem. Merry Christmas!

  8. You have captured the magic of a simple object. I love this exercise idea. Often I start my students with brainstorming words or "stealing" words. Discovery of words pushes them to find new ways to describe something mundane. Happy Weekend!

  9. I adore this poem, too - it so captures the warmth of candlelight.

  10. It's no surprise that so many cultures celebrate light in this time of darkness. I am glad for the holiday lights on my way to and from school in the dark every morning/evening!