Friday, March 4, 2016

Hey Diddle Diddle! Three Little Riddles!

Photo by Amy LV

Students - Greetings from riddle land!  Last week I had the good fortune to spend two days as a poet-in-residence at Klem North Elementary School in Webster, NY.  During these days, I wrote with and learned from many young poets.  I did a little bit of scribbling in my own notebook too, and those notebook scribbles grew into today's small riddle poems.

I like riddle poems.  It's fun to figure them out.  Here's a great riddle poem book, by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.

I also like short free verse poems that say a lot with few words.  Someone who does this very well is Kristine O'Connell George.  Here is one of my favorite poem books full of small free verse poems.

Well, I did not realize it until I began writing (this happens often), but my poems today surely grew from my admiration of the books you see above.  Remember - read poetry to write poetry.  You will learn so much from other writers.  I always do.

This week I am delighted to visit Michelle Heidenrich Barnes at her beautiful blog, Today's Little Ditty. Along with a generous interview, Michelle shares interiors of EVERY DAY BIRDS, a giveaway, and a writing invitation that I was allowed to choose!

Over at Sharing Our Notebooks, please enjoy a post by writer, college student, and traveler Jenna Kersten. I will draw for our current book giveaway in that space on Sunday, and a new post will go up next week.

Next week, please come back to The Poem Farm to read poems by Tracy Minton's fifth graders from Douglas J. Regan Intermediate School in Starpoint, NY.

And today...the Poetry Friday roundup, open for all and always, is hosted by Linda at TeacherDance.

Oh...if you are still wondering about any of the riddles, here are the answers!  (Just hold your computer upside down or stand on your head to read.)

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  1. Thanks for these teases of poems, Amy - may your early spring bring you beautiful sunsets, warm fuzzy socks (2 to a pair), and your favorite flavor of sherbet.

  2. Your riddle poems are such fun! I'll have to share them with my students next week. I have a theory that all those lost socks are hiding out with my missing tupperware lids!

  3. Love these, Amy, each one a little different, but I especially like that final one, its "long teeth". What fun it must have been to write riddles with the students, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Fun riddles, Amy! Especially loved the spill of rainbow sherbet. How I'd love to lick up a sunset. :)