Friday, April 15, 2016

Wallow in Wonder Day 15 - 5:00 am

Welcome to Day 15 of Wallow in Wonder!  For my 2016 National Poetry Month project, I will celebrate learning and writing from learning, writing poems from each daily Wonder at Wonderopolis.  As I did with my Dictionary Hike in 2012, I am looking to surprise myself with new inspiration daily.  This year, such inspiration will show up in my inbox each morning.  I will print it and carry each Wonderopolis Wonder around all day...and in the afternoon or evening, I will write and post the poem for the next day.  

I invite anyone who wishes to take this challenge too.  Just read today's wonder over at Wonderopolis, and write a poem inspired by it for tomorrow.  Share it tomorrow at your own site, and if you wish to link in my comments for others to find (or share your poem there), please feel free to do so tomorrow, the day after the Wonder is published at Wonderopolis.  If you would like to share any ways you have used Wallow in Wonder or your own site (safe for children only please), please link to the #WallowInWonder padlet.

My April Poems Thus Far

April 1 - So Suddenly - a poem inspired by Wonder #1659 
April 2 - Thankful Journal - a poem inspired by Wonder #1660
April 3 - The Storm Chaser - a poem inspired by Wonder #779
April 4 - A Jar of Glitter - a poem inspired by Wonder #641
April 5 - To Make Compost - a poem inspired by Wonder #1661
April 6 - Deciding Now - a poem inspired by Wonder #1662
April 7 - Hummingbird's Secret - a poem inspired by Wonder #1663
April 8 - Limits - a poem inspired by Wonder #1664
April 9 - Sundogs - a poem inspired by Wonder #1665
April 10 - Perspective - a poem inspired by Wonder #128
April 11 - At the History Museum - a poem inspired by Wonder #115
April 12 - Seventy-Five Years Ago Today - a poem inspired by Wonder #1666
April 13 - Homer's Poem - a poem inspired by Wonder #1667
April 14 - The Right - a poem inspired by Wonder #1668

And now for Day 15!

Good Morning?
by Amy LV

Students - I had fun reading about circadian rhythms, thinking about how we almost seem to have little clocks inside of us.  I read a little bit beyond the Wonderopolis post you can explore at the link above, and thought about pets and how sometimes our pets seem to be on a different time schedule than we are.  Well, they ARE on a different time schedule than we are.  They are not humans.

Fortunately, none of our five cats paws our faces at 5:00am, but Mini Monster does get meow-y at that time, wanting to go outside to explore.  Sometimes we pretend not to hear him, but he usually wins.

Mini by Day
Photo by ?? LV

To write today's poem, I thought about the Wonder, about how are bodies are set to times of sleep and wakefulness.  Then I imagined a situation, a little story of life, that went along with the Wonder.  The morning-pawing is true for some cats, and the daily sleep is true for ours.

As always, I wrote a couple of lines, read them out loud to myself, and then wrote a couple of more lines.  This is how I often write, in circles, going back to the beginning, reading aloud again and again.

I am grateful for the time I spent this past week visiting Jefferson Ave Elementary, Brooks Hill Elementary, and Dudley Elementary, all in Fairport, NY.  All second graders, all day long, and we had all kinds of fun in assemblies and small writing groups too.  Here's a bulletin board full of quotes and birds - from Brooks Hill - that makes me smile -

A Celebration of Poetry and Birds at Brooks Hill Elementary
Photo by Amy LV

Today I am visiting Heidi Mordhorst with a Poetry-Music Match-Up over at my juicy little universe.  This is a fun series of posts that you can follow all month long, connection poems and songs.  The theme of my share is "kindness."

I am also happily hosting middle school teacher and librarian Stefanie Cole and her students from Ontario, Canada at Sharing Our Notebooks all month long.  This is a fantastic post full of notebook inspiration, a video clip, and a great book giveaway from Stefanie.

You can find today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Today's Little Ditty, online home of Michelle Heidenrich Barnes.  Enjoy all of the offerings, and please join in as you wish!

Happy Day 15 of National Poetry Month 2016!  

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. Amy -- our dog sleeps like a teenager =prefers to be woken before 10. We take her out before we go to work and she head right back to our bed. Love how you share your process each day and how you are linking this to the wonder of the day. So helpful for teachers and students.


  2. Growing up, I had a smart kitty who used to lick my eyelids every morning till I would open them. :) Happy Poetry Friday, Amy! xo

  3. Love "my clock is set for sleep" Amy. Those cats like that early wake-up! Our used to throw things off the dresser for that "alarm".

  4. Our cats have built in alarms! Mine bats things off my bedside table until I get up! I have some cat loving student who will connect to this poem too!

  5. Smiling with memories of our sweet Will, who went to the big cat nap in the sky on Thursday. His clock was set by his stomach. When he was young and well, he would wake AJ up in the morning with a slap of his big paw!

  6. Our Scout wakes up at 5 too! Though she very politely sits by the door until we wake up. But once we move she tells us very clearly that the first thing we must do is give her breakfast.