Saturday, April 29, 2017

Writing the Rainbow #29 - Tan

Welcome to my National Poetry Month project for 2017!  Students - Each day of April 2017, I will close my eyes, and I will reach into my box of 64 Crayola crayons.

Aerial View of Crayola Box
Photo by Georgia LV

Each day I will choose a crayon (without looking), pulling this crayon out of the box. This daily selected crayon will in some way inspire the poem for the next day.  Each day of this month, I will choose a new crayon, thinking and writing about one color every day for a total of 30 poems inspired by colors.

As of April 2, it happened that my poems took a turn to all be from the point of view of a child living in an apartment building.  So, you'll notice this thread running through the month of colors. I'd not planned was a writing surprise.

I welcome any classrooms of poets who wish to share class poems (class poems only please) related to each day's color (the one I choose or your own).  Please post your class poem or photograph of any class crayon poem goodness to our Writing the Rainbow Padlet HERE.  (If you have never posted on a Padlet, it is very easy.  Just double click on the red background, and a box will appear.  Write in this box, and upload any poemcrayon sharings you wish.)

Here is a list of this month's Writing the Rainbow Poems so far:

And's crayon.  Tan!

Up and Down
by Amy LV

Students - Today's poem is a concrete poem.  You will notice that the line breaks shape the poem into stair steps, mirroring the way a person walks up and down stairs.  And reading this poem is a bit unusual because one must begin in a different place than usual.  Was it tricky for you to decide how to read it?

If you are Writing the Rainbow with me, perhaps your color for today will bring a particular object to mind.  I very much enjoy running my hand along stair rails, imagining all of the people who have walked up and down the same stairs that I walk up and down.

You may also wish to write a concrete poem of your own.  I especially enjoy concrete poems that show movement in some way, that mirror the movement of the actions.

Colors can take us anywhere.  And if you'd like to join in with your own poem at our Writing the Rainbow Padlet, please do! It is one colorful and beautiful place to visit..

And please don't miss the links to all kinds of Poetry Month goodness up there in my upper left sidebar.  Happy thirtieth day of National Poetry Month...tomorrow is April 30.

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. Love this! How many trees have guided us up and down in our lives? So many!

  2. How organized you are seriously this is the best part of you. And I loved how great schedule you have posted regarding this rainbow poem and I hope the poems will be good too. Good luck