Friday, December 15, 2017

Time - Think about Two Perspectives

Sage in the 4-H Barn (2010?)
Photo by Amy LV

Students - I don't know where today's poem came from.  I was writing in my notebook, and I think that the holidays got me thinking about visiting relatives which made me think about how quickly children seem to grow up.  This made  me think that if children are getting older, I am getting older too...but I never really feel like this is true.

Then I got to thinking about when our own children first talked about babies they once know seeming so big or how our pets have gotten older without us even noticing where the time has gone.

In a way, this is a comparing and contrasting poem.  In the first stanza, we see what the grownups say and feel.  In the second, we get the narrator child's point of view.  It is interesting to explore an idea from a couple of different perspectives.  We learn about others and about ourselves too.  You might want to give this a try!

Below, enjoy a little kindness video of our cat Mini Monster giving grown-up Sage a little face bath last weekend.

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  1. Love the video, Amy. It reminds me of my late cat Smudgy who always did her best to keep cats and humans well-washed and groomed. Thanks for sharing both the poem and clip. Happy Holidays!

  2. Awww. sweet Mini Monster reminds me of our 16-year-old Ginger who licks my arm.

    You are spot on, Amy. This time of year brings on insight into passing Time & past times.
    I love this poem. Appreciations.

  3. I love the child's perspective in this poem and the comparison of a puppy to a dog. Your video reminded me of one of our cats with our little dachshund, Isabel, years ago (both since gone). She would sit still for a long time for an ear bath.

  4. Just today I was thinking about how much my wondering Kinders have grown and changed in just 3+ months. Time flies! xx Christie

  5. Love this, Amy! It's interesting to think about kids noticing time's passage as well, when it's usually such an adult thing. Love the video too!

  6. Hi Amy! The poem is a sweet remembrance, but at first I also thought it might be about children, too. That seems to be a first thing said to kids. My, how you've grown! I do remember the puppies in my life, and they do grow up to be our beloved dogs, don't they?

  7. Boy I can connect with this poem. My nearly grown daughter is going through a stage where many of her high school friends are getting married and having babies. She keeps saying that she's not old enough for her friends to be so grown up. I just look at her and wonder she became so grown up.

  8. Your poem captures so much -- quick-changing childhood, the brief lives of pets, and the inability of anyone at any age to feel whatever that number is supposed to mean. By the numbers, I'm old. But I'm so very NOT old in my own mind!!

  9. oh, yes. My old pup is ten years old and I see the puppy in her. I love her so much. I tell her all the time that aging stinks and I'm glad we are going through it together. She seems to understand.