Friday, February 16, 2018

Sometimes You Write from Grief

Students and Educators Shot and Killed in School 
Parkland, Florida February 2018
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Sometimes a person cannot find the words. There are so many words, so so many.  But sometimes they just cannot express the depth of a person's sadness and anger. And so here is my small poem offering for today.

Student and Educator Friends - I am heartbroken and so sorry that you have to do lockdown drills in school.  Children - please know that there are many adults working hard to keep you safe.  You are loved.  And your love brightens up so many corners of our world.  Shine those candle-hearts of yours.  Find the kindness and peace in others and in yourself.  We all can do this, and this finding and giving will fill our days with love.

Please comment this week over at Tuesday's post, where Bonnie LaMonaco's beautiful second graders spread love with their kindness poems.  I would love for them to read some generous words from us all.

Jone is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup at Check It Out with Cybils goodness and postcard joy.  You can even sign up to receive a student poem postcard as part of the 10th Student Poetry Postcard Event! Each week, we gather our posts together at one blog, so if you visit Jone this will be introduced to many new poets and blogs and books.  

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  1. Your handwritten list of names is a tribute to these individuals and our heart heavy world. Thanks for writing your small poem offering.

  2. Those names are a poem. Heavy heavy heart. Thank you, Amy. xo

  3. Those last two lines. I am so sad that we need poems and posts like this.

  4. I have a former student, now a relatively new teacher, who has written a soul-searching piece on FB. She is scared, shared how hard she works & also worries over all the problems her students face, and this is so much to bear, to think she might have to face such a thing. I am so sad for those names above, Amy, for my grandchildren & all the others who have to practice lockdowns, and for these teachers. Your poem, sad to say, is just exactly it!

  5. I'm not sure how my students will be reacting to this tragedy until Monday. We've had this week off, but I will be armed with your poem and kind words to share. The names are what gets me in the gut. They make it all too real. Thanks for being you.

  6. I share your sadness over this week's deaths--all too common. I am grateful for the hearts that meet it with love and kindness to shine against the darkness.

  7. Dear Amy, Thank you for your most moving poem. I am sure it will be a great help to all those who will have to comfort children and help them deal with their fear and grief .

  8. Amy, I shared this on FB and several friends shared your poem from my post. It's a powerful statement that teachers and children shouldn't need to relate to but we do.

  9. Your hand written list is a strong statement Amy–I too wrote a poem for this horrific tragedy. I'm filled with hope by the brave surviving students rising up and taking action!


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