Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Happy Book Birthday to Us!

March 6, 2018

I am so happy to share that today is the book birthday of DREAMING OF YOU, my new lullaby book illustrated by talented illustrator Aaron DeWitt.  We have each dedicated this book to people who dream.


This is a rhyming bedtime book all about what animals dream about.  And what do they dream about?  You!

Here is one of the interior spreads...about robins.  Did you ever wonder about robin dreams?

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Below is the book trailer, if you'd like to take a peek.  


Aaron was generous enough to write all about his process of illustrating this book.  If you'd like to read his words, you may do so at my website HERE.  There is more about the book including snips of reviews, HERE.

I feel very fortunate to have been paired with Aaron and to have worked with editors Rebecca Davis and Mary Colgan on the text of this book.  And I am so thankful to Kerry McManus at Boyds Mills Press for all of her marketing wisdom. A book takes a team.

We are grateful to people who have shared DREAMING OF YOU with corners of the world.  You can read a review at The Baby Bookworm if you wish.

You may also see my list of 10 Books about Falling Asleep with Animals at Pragmatic Mom.  There is a giveaway going on there for the next few weeks, so please enter if you wish!

And if you are a teacher or parent on Twitter, please know that we are holding a giveaway for this book, running through March 13.  This giveaway is only running on Twitter, and the information is below.  I can be found on Twitter @amylvpoemfarm.

I have been dreaming of this book for a few years, and now it is here!  Thank you for stopping by The Poem Farm and for being such good friends. I wish you all sweet dreams!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Amy! And Aaron and the whole team. Can't wait to hold and read and enjoy this one in person. Enchanting! (Congrats on shiny light from review stars, too...) XO