Friday, December 14, 2018

Stories About People We Meet

Three Keys
Photo by Amy LV

(I will record this poem as soon as my voice returns!)

Students - Today's poem idea came from a lucky meeting I had just this week, a meeting with a young boy at East View Elementary in Olean, NY who really does collect keys and brought his collection to school for show and tell earlier this year.  Since I also like keys, we had a little talk about them...and next time we meet, we'll each bring our keys to share.  (I will give him one of mine!)  With permission of his mom, here is a picture of Reagan with his key collection:

The Real Key Collector
Photo by Amy Martin

Each day, every one of us has the chance to chat with people, to learn about their interests and hobbies and loves.  Sometimes one of these chats will flip a switch inside of our writing selves, will cause us to say, "This is so interesting!  I want to write about it!"  But first, we must listen.  Try that this week: listen to people you normally may not have listened to.  Ask questions.  And later, jot what you remember.  Any one of your observations or fascinations may grow into a piece of writing.

Now, please know that this poem is not completely factual.  The only part I know is factual is that there lives a boy with a key collection.  I do not know what his key box is made of, or if his collection includes a diary key or two skate keys.  These parts I made up.  But the boy with the key collection...that's true.  I know him!  Writers can do this -- mix a bit of true and a bit of fiction to make a new story.

If you are ever  unsure of how to begin a poem or a story of your own, try starting with these words -- There once lived a...  As some of you know, I do this often.  You can always erase or cross out or delete this line later if you wish, but it is a good and clear doorway in.

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  1. I love that you wrote a poem about this wee key collector. You are indeed a good listener. And it reminds me of Michelle Schaub's coming collection of poems about... collections! Maybe there is as key poem in there?! xo

  2. I had a collection of keys that I used for math purposes, Amy, then passed it on to a colleague when I retired. This is wonderful that you wrote a poem for this young collector, and it's fun that you imagined more! Love it!

  3. Oh, my goodness. This is an absolute delight....especially with the key collector. I love the whimsy of the rhyme but the magic that's solidly solidly as magic can be.

  4. Love your poem and seeing the pic of the key collector -- what an interesting hobby! Love the ending of your poem, especially. :) Happy Holidays!

  5. This is just gorgeous, Amy. I read the poem on Twitter, but seeing the photo of Reagan and knowing that he is the real person behind your poem, I enjoyed it even more.

  6. Love this poem Amy! Coincidentally, I have been thinking lately about keys and writing a set of poems. My dad passed recently and we just sold his house, and obviously had to go through everything. We were looking for keys for various things, doors, etc. Found a lot of keys, but not too many of the ones we needed! Such metaphor about keys. Thank you.

  7. What a lovely summation and ending in your poem, that "door in his mind." I can see it opening up, with so many possibilities. Thanks Amy, and I hope your voice returns soon and you are feeling okay!