Monday, January 14, 2019

A Memory...and a Reflection

Today On My Road
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Yep. This poem is true. The rock actually spoke to me.  Or I spoke and thought it was the rock speaking. Either way, I listened and I wrote. I made a hopscotch board and hopped it out in this winter sunshine.  

And guess what...Miss Fiona Kitty thinks the game of hopscotch looks pretty interesting too.

Fiona Visits Hopscotch
Photo by Amy LV

Earlier today I read a book about a friend's childhood, and this got me thinking about my own. My family lived on a not-so-busy road, and I remember playing hopscotch. One of my favorite sounds, still, is the sound of a rock hitting the pavement. I like to play hopscotch and to kick a rock down a road, just seeing how long I can keep it going before I lose the rock somehow.

You may notice that the first stanza of today's poem is about something happening, the second stanza is about the next thing happening, and the last stanza is a reflection on those two happenings.  Sometimes writing takes us forward. Sometimes it makes us look back.  If you have never done this before, you might wish to write a poem about a memory and then end it with your own thoughts about your memory, looking-back-thoughts.

Or you might choose to write about a favorite sound.

Or you might recall an outdoor game you like to play or once played.

Or you may take inspiration in an object that is in front of your face right now.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a chance to get outside.  Sun and fresh air are good for all of us!

Talking Rock and Draft
Photo by Amy LV

I am late to last week's Poetry Friday roundup at Kathryn Apel's place. There you will find the second roundup of 2019 as well as Kat's first few "Insta-poetry posts of this year. Please know that the Poetry Friday community shares poems and poemlove each Friday, and everyone is invited to visit, comment, and post.  And if you have a blog, we welcome you to link right in with us.

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  1. I worry that we may lose these simple games. Makes me want to grab some chalk and go outside with my kiddos today.