Friday, March 29, 2019

Poems of Humblelovely

Three Stones on My Desk
Photo by Amy LV

Students - This week, notebooked about these three stones on my desk.  They have been living on my desk for some time, but this week I made them into a little stone pile.  Stacking them and unstacking them is a simple pleasure as I have always loved the feel and sound of stones quietly clicking against each other.

Notebook Snip
Photo by Amy LV

More and more, I find myself paying attention to good and simple objects and moments.  Life can be very busy, and paying attention to such objects and moments helps me to slow down.

Today's poem lists and describes something (three somethings, actually) in my life, and the title poses a question.  See, I most always write titles after I write poems.  If I wrote the title first, I might have just written Three Stones.  But while writing, I began to wonder which objects other people keep in their lives, and so selected the title What Do You Keep?

You might consider writing your title after you write a poem too.  You might consider a question title. You might consider writing about an object that brings you a sense of wholeness.  Or you might not.  You are full of your own ideas and strategies!  Please do share these with others...this is how we learn.

Over at my other blog, Sharing Our Notebooks, you will find an inspiring post by Dr. Shari Daniels. Her post is filled with notebooking ideas, great photographs, and everything that makes me want to dive right into my own notebook.  And yes, there's a book giveaway too!  Please visit and comment if you are able.  I am grateful to Shari.

Thank you to Carol who is hosting today's Poetry Friday over at Carol's Corner, with a lovely spring poem - Daffodils by Ralph Fletcher. Please know that the Poetry Friday community shares poems and poemlove each week, and everyone is invited to visit, comment, and post.  And if you have a blog, we welcome you to link right in with us.

April - fondly known as National Poetry Month - begins Monday!  This means that my National Poetry Month Project begins Monday too, and you are invited to follow along each day as it unfolds.

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. Amy, I love that you wrote about your stones. I keep heart rocks near my desk, some I have found, a few that were gifts from the granddaughters. I am forever attracted to beautiful rocks! And I'm looking forward to what you will share in April with us!

  2. Amy- This is gorgeous in it's simplicity. Between the photograph, and your description, I can almost feel those stones in my hand. And I love, love, love the word "humblelovely!" Thank you!

  3. I love your three stones poem and the gratitude it shows, Amy. Can't wait to find out what your project is this year. Any hints or is it top secret? -- Christie @

    1. The truth is...I am still deciding! I thiiiiink I know, but I think I will reallllly know on...Sunday. xxxx

  4. What a wonderful word, humblelovely. I love the way you celebrate the ordinary....making three ordinary stones humblelovely.

  5. I like your question-title, Amy. Maybe I will try that.
    I don't have much other than papers and pens on my desk, but if I spin my chair around, I can see a messy fairy garden on a shelf nearby, and it has a bunch of small interesting things (which I have never written about but should!).

  6. On my desk at school -- a pipe cleaner flower twisted by a student whose life was filled with tragedy a couple of years ago. I need to reach out to her and let her know that she is always in my thoughts. Thank you for your humblelovely poem and the reminder to PAY ATTENTION.

  7. The realness and most peaceful is often in the most simple- like three stones. Your poem is lovely, Amy.

  8. "Humblelovely" what a special word, and I love your robin's egg stone. I have a very small dried up milkweed pod and a tiny gourd I was growing last fall that unfortunately fell off the vine. Thanks for sharing your poem and having us focus on things right in front of us.

  9. Hmmm...I wish the clutter on my desk held such poetic significance, though it certainly does represent my mind and my creative process - a jumble of ideas and plans overflowing everywhere!

  10. Amy, the title of your blog is so lovely. I often write a title before I write my blog as a place marker but then change it as the post or poem develops. It is interesting how one thought can become something else. Your three stones are significant in that they represent simplicity and bring you back to a slowed-down state of mindfulness. Happy Writing during NPM.


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