Friday, July 26, 2019

Poems from Mind Pictures

A Bouquet of Owls
by Amy LV

Students - Today's poem grew from a picture I saw in my head.  Earlier this summer, I imagined a bouquet of owls (the mind is a funny place) and then, a few days later, drew them in my notebook.  I keep thinking about the image, and so today I decided to write a story poem connected to it.

Today's poem is a poem present for my husband Mark. This coming Monday we celebrate 24 years of marriage, and thanks to him, I am lucky enough to learn about birds (including owls) on every single day of my life. My book with Dylan Metrano, EVERY DAY BIRDS, is even dedicated to Mark:  For Mark, the bird lover I love... I am grateful.

Mark and Amy - July 29, 1995
(Must find photographer's name!)

Sometimes, when we turn off our devices, sit or lie still, walk or stand in one place, we can imagine pictures and places that we have never seen in real life.  Any one of these can become the start of a poemstory.

Notebooks are perfect word collectors, and they are perfect image collectors too. I am working to collect more of the images that fly across the frame of my mind. Watch your own screen.  See what pictures appear. Some may be memories. Some may be pictures never seen by anyone before, the pictures of your own picture-factory we call the brain.

And as I often say, a person can always give writing as a gift. Happy Almost Anniversary, Mark!

At Sharing Our Notebooks, my other online home, I am so happy to host Art Educator Matthew Grundler. Please visit his post about visual journals...and be inspired. There is a fabulous book giveaway too ending Sunday.)

Margaret is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Reflections on the Teche along with a with a fabulous title-steal and a hauntingly beautiful poem. Please know that we gather each Friday, sharing poems and poemlove, and all are always welcome.

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  1. Wow! Stunning, ethereal...magical realism in a poem. Wow!

  2. Happy anniversary, Amy! I would like an owl bouquet for a day too. Your poem is a beautiful gift. xo

  3. Happy Anniversary, Amy and Mark! In the starting of your 25th year may you have more bouquets of owls or other magical things from nature in your 'every day'. This is so beauitful, Amy!

  4. What a beautiful anniversary gift!" How wonderful to be celebrating a relationship in which "dreams became flight." Happy Anniversary! Oh-- I also love the nudge to "watch your own screen."

  5. A bouquet of owls! I love how your imagination works in overtime. This is lovely. I imagine that you and Mark have the kind of love that will endure. It's a special gift. Happy anniversary. My husband and I celebrate 37 years in a few weeks.

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary! Like others here, I love the image of a bouquet of owls that you set free. Thanks also for the encouragement to imagine. I'm learning to 'watch my own screen' and think my writing is better for it.

  7. Happy anniversary! I love the image and the storypoem that came from your bouquet of owls.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I can't think of any better gift than a "bouquet of owls wrapped in pages of sky!" Thank you for sharing this flight of fancy with us, Amy!

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a perfect gift for your birder-love!

  10. Lovely surreal Chagall-like gift for your husband–and I love your art too! Happy Anniversary!

  11. Amy, I read this a few days ago and started thinking of my own upcoming anniversary. I love how your poem story evolved and turned into a present for your husband. Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes to continue your joined life in peace.

  12. Happy anniversary! I love your poemstory!


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