Friday, October 25, 2019

Playing with Rhyme

Imagined Ghost and Pie
by Amy LV

Students - I am having a fine time carving and stamping erasers again, making Halloween cards for family. Last week's poem about Little Vampire Girl is still on my mind, and as Halloween is next Thursday, it's pumpkin carving time around here. So yesterday, a poem about a ghost began to float through my mind.

Our Kitchen Table Right Now
Photo by Amy LV

As I jotted Halloween-y things, found myself wondering if any words rhyme with invisible...and I found one on RhymeZone: divisible. I was so happy that I started to play with these two words until this poem emerged.

Sometimes a poem can spring from wordplay. If you want to try this out yourself, make some lists of rhyming words in your notebook. Choose a couple and just play around with them until you find something surprising. Follow the thread...see where it leads you.

Karen is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup at at Karen Edmisten with a beautiful poem for October by Helen Hunt Jackson. We welcome everybody to join us each Friday as we share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship. Check out my left sidebar to learn where to find this poetry fellowship roundup every week.

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  1. I enjoy this kind of wordplay with rhyming words Amy. Sometimes it starts with an idea that goes far off track!
    I am enchanted by your poem here and Bedtime story.

  2. Love your poem, what a marvelous imagination you have Amy! And what enchanting, beautiful cards you're creating. It looks like you've made the stamps too, are they wood blocks or linoleum– I'd like to come and join you at your table, sure looks like fun, Thanks!

  3. I wrote a poem that played with the rhymes to mischievous. It's in Bayou Song and is one of my favorites. I once was adamant that I would never rhyme, but now I find it a challenge that can be fun. I love your stamps and the poem they inspired.

  4. As always wonderful and so helpful, too. Love to you!!
    Janet F.

  5. Love the stamps, your poem, and the challenge to play with rhyming words. Your poem made me think of a book Jack and I read yesterday, "I Wonder" by Kari Anne Holt and Kenard Pak.

  6. What a glorious mess on your kitchen table! Love the back story of how your poem started with just two rhyming words!

  7. Heeee and boooo! "In October I'll be host/to witches, goblins and a ghost./I'll serve them chicken soup on toast./Whoopee once" etc.
    And invisible pumpkin pie for dessert!

  8. I love the playfulness in your poem. What fun!

  9. Amy, your poem led me to thinking more about rhyming. It seems so effortless for you. I see that you're having so much additional fun with stamps and card making. Makes me want to take out my cache of stampers.

  10. Amy: I love your poem. Perfect pie playfulness. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you will find time to visit me at

  11. Now these are the questions that keep us up at night! So much fun.