Friday, January 17, 2020

Farewell to Fleeting Things

by Amy LV

Students - It has not been a very snowy winter here in Upstate New York, but we did get a little bit of snow yesterday, and we are expected to have more snow tomorrow. Falling snow is peaceful, and when I have the chance to catch a perfect snowflake on my mitten, to wonder at its exquisite angles and patterns, I am amazed. I really would like to have a snowflake as a pet. But of course such a friendship would only last for a very short time.

Some of life's most lovely gifts are fleeting: snowflakes, golden hour (the pretty-light-time right after sunrise and before sunset), the full moon, blushing trees, blooming flowers, blackberries. Try noticing something in your day today that is here now...but not for long. Hello and farewell indeed...

You might have wondered about all of that repetition at the end of this poem. I decided to keep repeating the word farewell and all of those s sounds simply to stretch out the sound of goodbye.

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  1. "Hello and farewell indeed". We've had so little snow that we are all wondering if a blizzard will hit in early spring. Sometimes it does! Lovely to imagine a brief friendship with these fleeting snowflakes, Amy. Thanks for a new thought about this.

  2. Your snowflake pet may not last long on your mitten, but it lives in your poem. I love how poetry can preserve those fleeting moments.

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet. My daughter used to pick things up and sing little songs. This takes me right to those moments.

  4. Hello heavy winter coat; goodbye in a few days when the temperatures go up again!

  5. A sweet melancholic poem, it reminds me of "The Little Prince" and his rose. Wishing you more snowflakes to ponder on, thanks Amy!

  6. The concept makes me smile. I love the repetition. The song feels musical. What fun!