Friday, August 14, 2020

Do You Have a Secret?

Snow Body
by Amy LV

Students - I am reading (finishing, sigh!) a wonderful, magical book right now titled THE MURMUR OF BEES by Sofia Segovia. This novel takes place during the time of the Spanish Flu, and I am especially intrigued by the character of Simonopio who has a mystical relationship with bees. Perhaps this is why today's poem involves a bit of enchantment. I awoke this morning and simply took some quiet time to think. And at once, I could almost feel my body fill with snow. I could see this, this thing that is not true yet feels true.

If I really DID have a body filled with snow, no one would be able to see it. This would be a secret, and while it is not true, it feels like a true secret today. What might be a true possible secret for you? Go ahead and just sit still and think. Imagine. Allow the magic in. And if you wish, write about your secret. You need not show your writing to anyone, but of course you may if you wish.

And remember, what we put into our hearts and minds comes out in one way or another, so it is important to consider what we allow our brains and hearts to eat. I think I will be reading more magical realism.

Speaking of magic and connections, I feel so fortunate to have participated in one of Tabatha's poetry swaps this summer. Tabatha, of The Opposite of Indifference, often gets such good fun going, and last week, my mailbox and I were tickled to receive this beautiful notebook made by Jone of DeoWriter

Poem and Notebook by Jone
Photo by Amy LV

Her lovely poem reads:

bristly rose pollen
a bee gathers nature's gold
for future poems

I adore how Jone refers to pollen as nature's gold and adore imagining the future poems of honey. Does Jone know we have bees and hope to harvest honey for the first time this year? Does she know that I have planted these exact roses out front of our home? Does she know that I am reading THE MURMUR OF BEES? Magic. Magic and gratitude. Thank you to Jone and to Tabatha for bringing such a perfect poem present to me.

Molly is hosting this week's Poetry Friday party over at Nix the Comfort Zone with the roundup and a monotetra poem bidding farewell to her area code 207 in Maine. We invite everybody to join in each Friday as we share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship. Check out my left sidebar to learn where to find this poetry goodness each week of the year.

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  1. Your imagination is so alive in this poem. I need a touch of magic today. The notebook from Jone is lovely and a just-right-for-you gift. I recently received a piece of a honeycomb from our friend who rescued a swarm we had and is now raising a new hive.

  2. Lovely, Amy. I especially like your advice to just sit still and think. Quiet time is important to letting poems find you.