Friday, October 15, 2021

Save Space for Thoughts


Small Fish
by Amy LV

Students - When I want to write a poem, two things are most important:

1. Selecting an idea
2. Deciding how to shape the poem

Sometimes we might think that deciding how to write the poem is most important, and yes, I do spend lots of time crafting my poems.

But most important for me is choosing an idea. And the trickiest part about this for me is that sometimes, my brain is so full of things I am reading and watching and listening to that I do not leave space for my own ideas. Or if I do, I am so busy DOING that I am not THINKING. So choosing an idea is hard because my head is full of a cluttery mess.

Save some space in your life for thinking this week. Let yourself just think without watching a show at the same time, listening to music, playing a game. Just think. Let your thoughts fly around like kites in your brain. This counts as writing.

And it's important.

Sometimes, when the idea is right, the poem will find its own shape. Especially if you read lots of poems and your mind is familiar with the different kinds of containers (forms) that poems live in.

Lunch is not just lunch. 

Happy thinking!

Bridget is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup at wee words for wee ones with a poem about the letter 'J' and announcement about her new book. Please know that all are welcome each Friday as folks share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship.


  1. No 'trout' about it, Amy, your post inspires as well as nourishes. Thanks for the reminder to take a moment (or more!) to "Just think." :)

  2. Oh, Amy! I can relate to this post so much. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going a mile a minute, especially when I'm trying to fall asleep. I keep telling myself to slow down, but...
    Your poem is lovely as always!

  3. Ah, Amy, a poem that gets us thinking for sure. Surely our connections to each other and this earth are blessed as well by your poetry and your sharing. Thank you as always.
    Janet Clare F.

  4. Love how narrow and how universal this poem is at the same time!

  5. I love this admonition/permission: "Let your thoughts fly around like kites in your brain. This counts as writing."

  6. There's not only a writing lesson in your words, Amy, but a special lesson for living life. "Spinning green over blue" - all of our world! Happy Weekend!

  7. Amy, what a sweet poem and post today. I love the challenge to think! I too like "the world / spinning green over blue" and also "this small fish / who was part of the sea / is more than just lunch. / It has set my thoughts free." What a gift from the sea.

  8. What a beautiful poem that prompts the reader to pause, wonder, and appreciate. Thank you for this!

  9. Thank you for this as we move into the season of giving thanks.

  10. Love your thoughts about thinking. As a teacher, I need to allow thinking time. It's not only necessary, it's vital to growing a well-rounded human. I need it, too.