Friday, January 7, 2022

Remember Imagination

Happy 2022 to You!

Snug Mug
Drawing by Amy LV

Students - Today's poem is a true memory poem. When I was in upper elementary school, our classrooms were very cold. And so my friends and I did exactly what this poem describes - we pretended to drink hot cocoa...and we really did feel warmer inside. Looking back, I think it was because we were together and we were using our imaginations to help our bodies.

It has been many years since I have remembered these moments, perhaps thinking of them now because my 2022 happy goal is to drink more real hot chocolate. In fact, I am drinking hot chocolate right now!

This Morning's Drink
Photo by Amy LV

A writer like you or me can turn any true memory into a free verse poem. By adding a few more words and taking out the line breaks, I could have written this as a story. But with fewer words and line breaks, it is a poem. 

If you are seeking a writing idea, I suggest you try beginning with the two words I remember... I recommend this sometimes and sometimes turn to this strategy myself. Sometimes memories are waiting to be called up.

Also, imagination. When have you pretended something in your life? The world of pretend is a world full of writing ideas!

It is a new year, and this means that Sylvia Vardell is sharing her annual "Sneak Peek" list of children's poetry collections and anthologies, poem picture books and novels in verse to be published this year. Find all of the goodness at Poetry for Children, a treasure box of poetry and poetry resources. I am so happy to share that I have a book on this list together with illustrator Emma Virj√°n - our IF THIS BIRD HAD POCKETS: A POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY CELEBRATION - will be out on March 1, 2022.

Carol is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup at Beyond Literacy Link, sharing her "One Little Word" for this year along with a winter poem to go right along with it. Please know that all are welcome each Friday as folks share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship.

I am grateful to be starting a new year with you and with a so many days of poetry possibility stretched out before us. Stay warm, dear friends, in your body and in your imagination too.


Please share a comment below if you wish. 


  1. This is such a sweet memory, Amy. A mug of hot chocolate sounds delightful! Wishing you a new year filled with love and joy!

  2. Now I want to go have a cup of hot chocolate! Thank you, Amy!

  3. Love this! Pretend time is vital for all of us...and pretend hot cocoa would be high on my list. This poem gives me warm fuzzies.

  4. Such a lovely memory poem to capture, Amy. I've used "I remember. . " as a strategy again and again to start poems or entries in my notebook. It's such a powerful invitation to the past. Now, I'm feeling a little hankerin' for a cup of hot cocoa. If only in my imagination. . .

  5. I love the memory and the poem. You all had something to look forward to, and you shared the warmth and humor of friendship. Reminds me that in lower grades we would get a carton of milk each day, and some days the milk was partially frozen. Those were the days...

  6. A wonderful poem and story, too, Amy. Was thinking about you when my Weather Channel app on my phone alerted me to the tons of snow in Buffalo... hope you are sheltering with lots of hot chocolate! Can't wait for your new soaring book... it will be a lovely herald to Spring. XOXO

  7. So glad to read about your book, Amy. Congratulations! I love Poem in Your Pocket Day. And I love that warm pretending in your poem.

  8. Amy, I realized this morning that my comment that I wrote from my iPhone never made it to your blog. The connection must have been weak so here I am again. I really felt the coziness of your poem and post.Hot chocolate is always a happy thought on a cold day but I especially liked that the poem had to deal with imagination, a very important ingredient for children. I think so many do not engage in imaginary activities that enrich their growing up experience. I also really like the way you bring children into your posts. I just listened to the poem you wrote and Barry sings. What a great partnership.

  9. Hot cocoa, yes, but what this little poem captures is the warmth of shared imagination. You pouring yourself imaginary hot chocolate alone wouldn't have worked the same way at all, but you and friends pouring it together--a whole different story. I appreciate your wee, happy, highly achievable goal: to drink more real hot chocolate. Take that, 2022!

  10. Lifting my tea mug in a pretend clink with your hot chocolate mug! Here's to imagination!

  11. What a lovely memory/poem. I love "I remember..." as a writing prompt. And isn't it funny how friendship can warm us almost as much as hot cocoa?

  12. Ah, mind over matter and its hot cocoa to boot! I look forward to your wonderful new book! Your mind is a treasure trove of ideas as is your blog!
    Janet Clare F.

  13. That's a great happy goal to have! Sweet memory and poem.