Sunday, April 30, 2023

24 HOURS, Day #30, It May Be

Welcome to Day 30 of 24 HOURS. For my 2023 National Poetry Month Project, I have shared a new daily poem about 1 hour in 1 day in the life of an old barn. I wrote 24 hourly poems, 1 for each hour of a spring day, beginning with midnight and ending with midnight.

Here are the poems:

And now for Day 30!

Students - Today's poem, the final Old Barn poem in this series, circles back to Day #1, Old Barns. You may notice a bit of repetition. You may notice rhyme. You may notice some images and details returning from past poems. 

You may wonder if I am sad. Truth be told, even though it was difficult for me to wake and write a poem each morning this month, yes I am a little bit sad. Goodbyes are always a little bit sad. But I am also happy for I did something I was unsure I would be able to do. Sadness and happiness live together in me today.

Thank you very much for joining me on this 24 HOURS journey. I am grateful for your company on this latest and all of my National Poetry Month projects.

These  24 HOURS poems will stay here at The Poem Farm for at least a week, and then I will likely be taking them down. I will not post a new poem this Friday, May 4, but will leave time for anyone who is interested in visiting or revisiting these 24 HOURS Old Barn poems.

I wish you a May...and a life...full of poems.



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