Friday, October 27, 2023

Imagine a Conversation

Photo by Amy LV

Photo by Georgia VanDerwater

Students - Today's poem idea popped into my head sometime over the past few days, probably because the sumacs are so stunningly orange and red and because Halloween is on my mind. Somehow the idea of two orange nature friends dressing up as each other just made me smile.

It is playful to invent conversations between people, animals, or objects, and when we do this, we explore new and different writing territories. Consider taking a walk outside. Which two outside beings or objects might you imagine talking with each other? What might they say? Try making a little list and see where it brings you.

Remember, you do not always have to keep your mind on a leash. It is important to let your mind run in the field of ideas or at the idea park...with all of those other ideas.

Below is one of my first published poems, many years ago in LADYBUG magazine, and again several years later in BABYBUG. I will never stop feeling thankful for seeing the many different ways that talented illustrators bring my small words to life.

It was again a joy and an honor to visit Wyckoff, NJ this week, to work with wise and kind teachers and to think about writing together. Thank you, Wyckoff friends, for teaching me as always and for the good laughs. See you in January!

Carol is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup at The Apples in My Orchard with a celebration of bats for this International Bat Week. Each Friday, all are invited to share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship in this open and welcoming poetry community.

Tonight I hope to carve a pumpkin beside a bonfire. I wish cozy to you and yours...



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  1. Oh, how I love Sumac and Sky dressing as each other's orange for Halloween!

  2. Amy, you are so creative. I marvel at your ability to make connections and show us how everything in the world ties together.

  3. " do not always have to keep your mind on a leash." Might be the best advice I've received this week!

  4. Amy, I love how you advise your students in you blog - list making, imagining conversation, and letting your mind off of a leash are practical things we can all use to create! Thank you!

  5. Fun to join you in imagining the exchange of the orange friends.

  6. I just took a picture of a glorious sumac! I'm happy that you've given them attention, too! Happy pumpkin carving, Amy!

  7. Clever and cute! Thank you!