Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NaPoWriMo Poem #14 & A Lipogram

I took this photo of Cali in the late evening of our daughter's camping sleepover.  After chasing girls, playing charades, and eating pizza and marshmallows, Cali just curled up in the ashes and warmth for a big snooze. We always watch her sleep, savoring each little move and twitch.  And just as I watch our own children's sweet slumber, staring in adoration, our children look at Cali with the love of a mother or father.

Cali's Campfire Nap
Photo by Amy LV

Puppy Nap

I watch my puppy when she naps.
I wonder what she dreams.
Where does she run to in her bed?
She isn't here.  It seems
she's chasing rabbits
playing ball
she hears my call
smelling friends
fetching sticks
chewing bones
learning tricks.
I sink my nose into her fur
and tell her there's no dog
no dog
like her.

© Amy LV

Yesterday I mentioned Tricia's Lipogram Stretch over at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  Happy to have learned my one-new-thing-of-the-day, I now understand that a lipogram is a piece of writing which avoids the use of one or more letters.  Here's my attempt:

Which Letter to Use?

I struggle to choose
which letter
but hey
this is the choice
every poet will weigh.
One letter of twenty-six
left in the dust.
I feel guilty 
to dump one
but dump one I must.
Rules govern this poem.
I need to obey.
It's tough
so I'll just pick
the first letter - __.
(Is this OK?)

© Amy LV

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  1. Wow! You nailed it! I'm afraid to even TRY this form!

  2. I loved the poem about Cali-makes me look at Max with the same feelings. How did you ever write a poem without an A

    Hi, loved the poem about Cali-made me look at Max with new eyes. How did you ever write a poem without an A? Love, Mom

  3. Thank you! It was surprisingly fun to try this...