Thursday, April 15, 2010

NaPoWriMo Poem #15 - What to Write?

To mark the halfway point of NaPoWriMo 2010, I will write an acrostic using my name:


Hey!  Stop laughing!  Yes, this is an acrostic on a bad day.  And while I'm not anti-acrostic (that sounds like a religion), I do believe that writing-as-fill-in-the-blank-exercise can be less than enchanting.  Poetry is a peek in the heart, a giggle in the dark, and thunder so grand you can smell it in the sky.

That said, sometimes we just write about writing.

Same Feeling

Did you ever open up your fridge
hungry for a snack
looking up and down for food?

Empty shelves stare back.

You stand inside the open door
hoping for a bite
but nothing there looks good enough.

I don't know what to write.

© Amy LV

Today, my children and I visited Durand Eastman Intermediate School in East Irondequoit, NY, to hear Patricia Polacco speak.  The auditorium full of fourth graders felt like a church as Patricia's voice echoed inside of our bodies, "Each one of you will change thousands of were born with the power to change people...compassion, friendship...that's what changes the human heart."

We touched the meteor that had fallen in Patricia's grandparents' yard, felt her hands on our hands, and quietly made our wishes.

Tomorrow I am so happy to welcome Kyle Leonard's fifth grade students from Caledonia-Mumford Elementary, in Caledonia, NY for Poetry Friday. Olivia Brumfield (poet), Marcus Middleton (ukulele player & cameraman), and Kyle himself will share and discuss Poetry from the Soul

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  1. Dear Mrs. Ludwig Vanderwater,

    We just read your poem. We loved it. We are thinking about what you did in this poem. Here is what we think:

    A: I think you are hungry for writing
    M1: I think she is hungry for writing too!
    M2: You opened your mind to see for any ideas just like you opened the fridge.
    K: That's just what I was thinking
    Lots of kids: Me too!
    L1: Maybe you are looking in the fridge for something to write about
    L2: I think you are hungry for ideas and have some but don't feel like they are good enough to write.
    J: It's like you are opening a fridge of papers trying to think of what to write.

    We can't wait for you to visit our class so we can meet a fellow poet and blogger.

    Mr. Riccione's Class 2016-2017