Saturday, April 3, 2010

NaPoWriMo Poem #3

In my work with beginning fiction writers, I've noticed that sometimes the story characters don't suffer enough; they simply don't have problems.  These characters do things:  go to movies, have sleepovers, eat pizza, play with their dogs.  But for a story to be a story, there needs to be a little pain, a little rain.  Here's a poem (yet another list poem, thank you Elaine) that addresses this.   Teachers, if you find this at all helpful, please let me know.


is friction
a problem
a plot
a person
in trouble
who wishes
he's not
a try
and a fail
a hide
and a seek
a stumble
a stretch
a reach
for the peak
a struggle
a triumph
a dream
and a goal.
As we read
of another
we too
are made

© Amy LV

If you're looking for classroom poetry ideas for this month,  Teach Poetry K-12 with Laura has a great list of web events for National Poetry Month as well as many resources and tips.

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