Friday, April 2, 2010

NaPoWriMo Poem #2

Day two of NaPoWriMo, and here's my second poem.  Poems are like dreams, I'm realizing, connected swirls and patchworks of everything we've thought and touched.  Our family had bananas for breakfast, and our house is still full of rain forest books from a report Hope just finished.  Funny!

Banana Phone

I held a banana up to my ear
to play phone with a friend
when at once I could hear --

Huge howler monkeys
Rainbow macaws
Hot wind of night
Sloth's sleepy claws
Leaves breathing
Two toucans
A coconut drop
Tree frog's first hop.

This symphony swelling
with rain forest glories
taught me that even
bananas have stories.

© Amy LV


  1. Amy,
    I love this poem! It made me laugh to think that bananas have stories and you could listen to one just like a seashell. Think of the other possibilities -- listening to ears of corn, pineapples, carrots!
    I love that you are writing a poem every day. It's giving me tons of material to use with my class since you are my Poet of the Month!

  2. Dear Susan,
    I am now smiling, thinking about what a carrot would say about worms!
    Thank you for your note...I cannot wait to see your class this week and maybe, just maybe, see what they've been writing too?

  3. I love this poem how it flows through and the things that I imagined while reading it. I hope something new like this will come out soon!

  4. Dear Susan,
    This poem is awesome! It makes me think how much a banana has gone through!
    My class loves this poem! They most of them chose it!