Friday, April 2, 2010

Poems about Words

Happy Poetry Friday!  This week's roundup is at Book Aunt, where you will find many connections to all things poetic.  Here's a fun one that I discovered.

Today, Elaine Magliaro at Wild Rose Reader features list poems and invites anyone to join in with list poems of their own. Reading her post, I remembered this older poem from my pile:

Word Blanket

I cover myself with a blanket of words


I quilted each consonant into this cloth.
Each vowel is keeping me warm.


Words to remember

I'm pulling my word blanket up to my chin.
I'm sleeping with words.

Good night.

© Amy LV


And with this, I send my first writing invitation.  This month is all about words.  If you write a poem about words or if you have an old favorite, I welcome you to leave it in the comments.  I will post them next Friday - word poems for the second Poetry Friday of National Poetry Month.


all things poetry said...

Hi Amy,

Writing is so like farming. You have to have patience to cultivate your crop of words. And faith that words, like rain, will come when needed.

Laura Evans
all things poetry

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said...

Dear Laura,
I agree completely! My favorite part about writing is that faith and the never-ending surprise at what grows underground. Thank you for your wonderful list of places to visit this month.

all things poetry said...

Glad you found the list, Amy. Hope you enjoy all the poetry fun this month!

Laura Evans

Parker said...

Hi Amy,

Love the site. I'm sure to be a regular visitor. On a technical note. The bright blue text, used to identify links and all, is very hard to read; at least for my old eyes. Perhaps another color would help.