Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Winner & #52 - Breeder's Promise

And now...the winner of the 50-Poem celebration drawing for Eileen Spinelli's book Feathers:  Poems about Birds is...Deb, from Rochester, NY!  Congratulations, Deb.  I will deliver the book to your school within the next couple of weeks.

Sleeping Cali Puppy
(Part Border Collie/Part Labrador Retriever?)
Photo by Amy LV 

Sometimes poems grow just from a pair of rhyming words, and this is what happened here.  Driving this evening, I got thinking about the words "retriever" and "believe her".  Then I just started playing around.  Our Cali is supposed to be part retriever, but none of us are quite sure about that.

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  1. You are a wizard (enchantress??) with rhymes! Brilliant once again. Thanks for telling the story of how the rhyme in your mind helped you build this poem!

  2. Oh, Mary are just generous! Thank you for coming by. I'm still wishing I could reach through your screen and give you some (mint?) tea!