Friday, May 21, 2010

Poetry Friday - Poem #51 & Drawing

Maple Helicopters
Photo by Amy LV

To celebrate 50 days of nonstop poems here at The Poem Farm, I am holding a drawing for Eileen Spinelli's lovely book Feathers:  Poems about Birds.   To enter,  please leave a comment on yesterday's or today's post indicating your city, state/province, and country. (I'm curious as to where you are all from!)  All commenting names from yesterday's and today's comments will go into a hat.  The winner will be drawn at midnight and announced tomorrow morning.  Teachers - you are welcome to enter on behalf of your classes.

Today's Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids.  Head on over there to see the whole poetry roundup for this week.  And while you're there, you might want to check out Laura's "15 Words or Less" challenge for this week.  It's a funny photograph!

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  1. Keep up with the beautiful poetry, Amy. I love your poetry and I am glad to see your work day after day.

  2. Ooh, I'm happy to be in the drawing. Spinelli's Polar Bear, Arctic Hare is one book I love, and I haven't read Feathers...

    (I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

  3. Amy,

    Love your mask poem! You don't have to include me in the drawing. I already have a copy of Eileen's book.

    I'm going to have to come back for an extended "poetry reading" visit. I haven't been posting or reading blogs much recently. I have some catching up to do.

  4. Love your wee helicopters poem, Amy! Like Elaine, I need to catch up with all the ones I've missed. I'm from Virginia :)!

  5. Amy I always love tree poems. Trees are such a precious resource! I'm from Nebraska.

    Laura Evans

  6. I was just thinking of those maple propellers on my walk this week... as they twirled down to the sidewalk.....and how we would stick them on our noses!! I tauaght my kids how to do that when they were little. I'll have to ask them if they remember.

  7. It's so lovely to have you all here! Thank you for stopping by and for your notes. It almost feels like a party! You know, I used to put the helicopters on my nose too. Lots of memories appeared as I watched that tree yesterday - hooray for all trees!

  8. Three cheers for 50+ days and going strong!