Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Poems & 50th Day Book Drawing

When I was in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade in the 1970s, I went to a Catholic school in Vestal, NY, named Our Lady of Sorrows School.  We learned to care about people there (you can read about teacher Mr. Fron over in the left column of WBFO commentaries), and we were taught to say a "Hail Mary" prayer whenever we saw or heard a racing ambulance.  Somehow, waiting in the hardware store parking lot for my husband to come out with new pipe fittings, this old wisdom from my childhood teachers came to mind.

Students - can you think of something you have been told to do by a parent, a teacher, a friend?  Maybe it's something you agree with, and you always do it.  Maybe it's something you disagree with, and you never do it.  No matter - advice from others is poetry food.

Here is another poem, written during my son's baseball game last night. Where did it come from?  I don't know.  Maybe it came from the starlings nesting in our roof.

Today is Day #50 of my poem-a-day-for-a-year project.  To celebrate, I am holding a drawing for Eileen Spinelli's lovely poetry book, Feathers: Poems about Birds

If you leave a comment today or tomorrow, with your city, state/province, and country, you will be in the running to win this book.  The winning name will be drawn Friday at midnight and announced on Saturday morning.  Teachers are welcome to enter on behalf of your classes.  I'm curious to know who and where you are...

Here on Day 50, I'd also like to thank all of you who have shared The Poem Farm with your colleagues or friends - I'm grateful!

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  1. I can't believe you are up to day 50 already. You're doing really well. In fact, I'm thinking I'll see if I can post 365 photos across a year, maybe starting on September 1st. That could be fun.

    Love your ambulance poem. I marvel at all your inspired writings. You're a pretty amazing lady and I love you. ~ Eileen

  2. We love your poetry! You are so smart and talented, and you are encouraging a lot of kids to write poems. Our class favorites are "Rose Seller," "Birdhouse," and "Gum For Free." Keep up the good work!!
    Miss Miner's Class
    Whitney Point, NY

  3. I love your poetry and I love Eileen Spinelli. I had the pleasure of listening to both Eileen and Jerry at a writing conference several years ago. The students at my school in North Attleboro, MA love poetry, too. Tomorrow I'm signed up to write Pantoums with the fifth grade!i'm ready!

  4. Day 50 ~ Time flies that's for sure. My students and I continue to find your words inspiring. You are helping us to see that ideas come from the least expected places. Hip Hip Hooray for you! Thank you for spreading your love of poetry.

  5. Amy,

    Your poems are helping my third graders to see things with "fresh new eyes!" We loved reading about the birdhouse. It led to a class discussion about reusing materials to make our own birdhouses. A paint can birdhouse?
    Jenn Bogard and class
    South Berwick, Maine

  6. Thank you, everyone, for coming on over. Teachers - I love knowing that some students really are reading these midnight missives. Thank you for the words. Mag - how did the Pantoums go? I'm always looking for poetry or classroom poem highlights to feature on Poetry Fridays, so if any of you are interested...I welcome you. Off to draw a name!