Sunday, June 6, 2010

MyPoWriYe #67 - Locket

Walking in our pasture yesterday, I saw an azure blur right near a bluebird house.  A bluebird!  We knew we'd had bluebirds living here, but we thought they had been chased away by other birds.  It made me happy to see that flash yesterday morning, to know these bluebirds are still our dear tenants.

Looking at that birdhouse nailed on a fencepost, I was immediately reminded of a locket.  A locket holds small secret things close to our hearts, and a birdhouse holds small secret things close to the hearts of trees.

Students - sometimes a few interesting words just cross your mind.  For me, those words were, "A birdhouse is like a locket!"  When this happens, we usually let our words slip away like morning dreams.  But if we are alert and ready to catch them, our words will wait that breath for us, long enough for us to mutter them quietly, long enough for us to write them down. 

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