Monday, June 7, 2010

MyPoWriYe #68 - Brave

Injuries...we all get them, and they don't usually become the subject of poems.  Well, here's an exception.  This one is for Henry, who cut his head open while camping yesterday.  Nine stitches later, you'd never know it.  He is brave.

Students, there are a couple of funny writing ideas nestled in here.  One is that we can write about things that people do not usually write about, things most people might think are too unlovely to write about, too yucky.  For example, when our family had lice (for several disgusting weeks) last fall, I did not want to think about it anymore.  But then I thought, "Hey!  Let's make lemonade!" and wrote the essay "A Week of Lice" for WBFO.

Another writing idea here is that we can write about what others do that inspires us.  When Henry was injured this weekend, I wanted to cry.  But he was so tough, making jokes about his brain and whatnot, that we were all fine.  I admire that.  So he got a poem.

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