Saturday, July 31, 2010

1/3 Through! - Favorite Words - #122

Words from Pink Notebook
Amy LV

Students - Writers love words, sleep with words, eat words for a midnight snack.  In most every notebook I keep, I collect a list of favorite words on the last page.  You can see one of these word pages above.  Words are free, democratic, and plentiful; you never know when you'll find just the right one.  For this poem, I mined some of my favorite word lists for words with the same syllables and meters.  It's interesting how many of these are foods and animals as well as how many have double consonants.  What are some of your favorite words?  Keep an ear out!

When our daughter Hope was a toddler, we would play rhyming games with her.  One morning at breakfast, she burst out with one of the most funny-charming sentences I have ever heard.  A giant grin spread across her face like a sunrise as she proclaimed, "I know two rhyming words...Cinderella...mozzarella!"  Now, eight-and-a-half years later, that rhyme still bobbles around in my head and makes me smile over and over again.  Today it has found its way into this list poem.  Funny how the mind works.

Here are two fabulous word-celebrating books, one chapter book and one picture book.  SERENDIPITY is out of print, but it's worth keeping an eye out for a used copy.  You never know...

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  1. Do you notice how many of the words you love have double letters? That happened when I recently picked out a list of good words too....

  2. Heidi,
    Isn't that weird? I'm not sure why. I also really like the short 'i' sound, though this poem does not show that. Funny!