Friday, July 30, 2010

PF & If I Were an Octopus - #121

by Amy LV

This Poem Now Appears in WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!

This poem is #10 in my series of Poetry Friday poems about poetry.  While it's less serious than many of the others, it was certainly a giggle to write.
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  1. Hi Amy~
    What a fun addition to your collection of poetry poems. I will read this next week with the little girl that I am tutoring. We are reading and writing about sea animals. My poem today is about Giant Squid.

  2. Toby sounds (to me) like Kay Ryan this week, and here you go sounding like Douglas Florian!! (high praise, that!)

    Huzzah x 8 for today's poem!!

  3. Your poem is sooo much fun to read! I love the illustration too! You're so creative, Amy!

  4. "contentacle"= brilliant! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. You are all very sweet to like this poem...I wanted to do something not-poetry-serious! Thank you for the vote of confidenceacle.

  6. clever clever clever. I wrote a very different octopus poem a few months ago:


    October may be the 10th month nowadays
    but I counted it octopodally:
    I was an eight-armed creature walking on water, juggling
    many odd balls, some of them flaming
    with excitement, even as
    I battled an eight-armed creature equipped
    with powerful suckers that threatened to drag me
    too deep in an ocean of constant motion
    clouded with turquoise ink, bad weather and
    many more than one grain of sand.
    In October my long arms finally reached
    the rubbery endtips of my ability to Do Things.
    Surfacing, now I can breathe the word

    Congratulations on four months of daily poems. I'm so impressed (and envious of your focus)!

  7. Dear Heidi,
    Wow. I really know that feeling, especially "too deep in an ocean of constant motion / clouded with turquoise ink..." I am not going to see October the same way anymore now, just as I do not see snow angels the same way since reading your poem about those. I so admire your ability to capture images as clear snapshots that develop in a reader's mind.