Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Friend - My Poem Writing Year #120


In one of his online newsletters, Eric Carle explains why he writes about small animals in so many of his books.  When I was a small boy, my father would take me on walks across meadows and through woods.  We would lift a stone or peel back the bark of a tree and show me the living things that scurried about.  He'd tell me about the life cycles of this or that small creature and then he would carefully put the little creature back into its home.  I think in my books I honor my father by writing about small living things.

Similarly, today's poem is in honor of my husband Mark, who has taught our family and so many others (see yesterday's blog post from Sprucelands Summer Camp) about nature.  Happy 15th anniversary, honey!

Jane Yolen's delightful and fun-to-read book, MY FATHER KNOWS THE NAMES OF THINGS, celebrates her late husband, a man who knew names of everything and shared this love and knowledge with his family.

Students - writing is a way to honor someone you love.  Words last, and words help us figure out what we think about our lives.  You might want to try this sometime.  Think of a person you would like to hold up with your words.  And then write.  Just like these three examples, you don't even have to name the person in your piece.  (It can be a secret!)

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Deborah said...

Happy anniversary. Lovely poem.

Sprucelands Camp said...

Hope you and Mark do something special for your anniversary. I know he's making plans. Thank you for the link. Hope people will look us over. ~ Eileen

Looking for the Write Words said...

Hi Amy,

Happy anniversary! Your husband sounds as wonderful as you are - a perfect match. What a nice gift of "just the write words."


Mary Lee said...

What a sweet tribute (and a great picture!) Happy anniversary!

Amy LV said...

Thank you Deb, Eileen, Theresa, and Mary Lee, for the anniversary wishes. I am a lucky lady, that is for sure!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

I love your poem " My Friend." May the years ahead be explored by the two of you; adding great memories to re-share with each other as time slips by.

Amy LV said...

Thank you, Mary. I have a wonderful hubby...your good wishes are so kind!