Thursday, July 8, 2010

MyPoWriYe #99 - Car Sick

When I was a little girl, even a trip to the post office would send me hanging out of a car window like a beagle in the wind.  Unlike the parents in this poem, my parents quickly pulled over on side streets, highways, and everything in between.  "Car Sick" comes from my own memories of motion sickness.  Thirty years later, I find myself on the mom-end of this, and I try to stop quickly too.  

Writing ideas lurk in our embarrassing moments as well as our glories.  Students, what embarrasses you?  You might make a list of embarrassing memories in your notebook, and choose one to write from.  Even if you don't write about an embarrassing memory now (I never wrote about my car sickness as a child), your idea will wait...

Onto something less icky, the online summer issue of EDIBLE BUFFALO is out, and with it, my first new column, "Notes from Heart Rock Farm" on pages 12 - 13, all about children and chores.

Tomorrow is Poetry Friday.  See you then!

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  1. Amy,your new column is terrific! You're a busy lady! Do you grow your own vegetables? We have a small piece of property and tried to have a garden, but the deer ate everything!
    I enjoyed today's poem too. Hope it's cooler there than it is here.

  2. Linda,
    Thank you! We try to grow our own veggies sometimes...some years are better than others, and this isn't a good one. I especially like to grow a ton of basil for a year's worth of pesto. Man, it's hot! (There may be a visit to the town pool in order for today - great place to write!) Stay cool!

  3. LOVED the poem Car Sick. I would always get car sick on my way to my grama's house out in the country. I would have to sleep the whole way to escape the feeling! I don't feel alone now!
    Ms. Luft