Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Me? - MyPoWriYe #98

Mosquito Bowl
Photo by Amy LV

The pattern on my favorite Polish pottery cookie dough bowl is called "Mosquito".  When my mother gave me the bowl and told me this fact, I admit to having the willies at first.  I mean, who wants to use a bowl that's covered with mosquito bites?  But as soon as I learned to block out about what those little dots symbolize, the yucky-factor went away.  It's a grand bowl!

Today's poem idea came from this month's "Word of the Month" invitation at David L. Harrison's blog.  Every month, David chooses a poem-springboard-word, and child and adult poets are invited to share their poems inspired by this monthly word.  July's word is ITCH.  You can read other itchy poems at David's blog.

Students - David's monthly challenge is one we can give ourselves or give to our friends.  Just ask someone else to choose an interesting word for you, and write straight from that word.  No, you won't know what you'll get.  But that is the fun of it...surprise.  Try having several people write off of the same word, and you will amaze yourselves with the different ways people approach the very same set of letters!

In our family, it's Georgia that mosquitoes love.  Yes, she is the one who gets hiccups too.

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  1. Hi Amy, I wonder if you could come to Kenmore to read some of your poems as part of our Children's Concert Series? There will be hundred's of families there. You can see what it's like at our web site -Children's Concert Series under the events tab -there's a little film. You can e-mail me at: for additional info. -Hope you're interested -love the music of your poetry! Yours, Melissa Foster