Sunday, July 25, 2010

Names Matter - MyPoWriYe #116

Back in earlier summer, we cooked some dandelions, and I wrote a bit about eating weeds.  Well here they are again, popping up like....oh, never mind!  Seriously, though, I think the idea for this poem came from a conversation with a friend about weeds taking over her garden.  This year our yard has many weeds, more than non-weeds.  This year, I only weed The Poem Farm!  Sometimes I feel sorry for weeds...they need friends too.

Students - Structure-wise, you may have noticed that this poem goes back and forth as a conversation between the person and the flower-weed.  It's a lot of fun to write like this, imagining what two animals or objects or people would say to each other and building a poem right from this imagined talk.

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  1. I love this charming poem. Saw it online and now know it off by heart.