Saturday, July 24, 2010

MyPoWriYe #115 - Failed Flea Circus

by Amy LV

Well, our dog Cali has fleas.  She did, anyway.  After an herbal treatment which did not work but smelled like potpourri, she has now had a vet treatment which we hope is working.  Hence, the idea for this short poem.

Fleas and ticks will suck your blood and may carry terrible diseases too.  So I don't recommend the old fashioned flea circus.  Try a caterpillar circus instead.

Students - Again, I stress the importance here of making something out of your annoyances.  The other day I wrote about getting stuck with the last sliver of soap, and now this.'s all material.

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  1. This one made me laugh out loud!

  2. Mary Lee,
    I'm so glad! You know what's weird? I did surprised me when I wrote it!