Friday, July 23, 2010

Poetry Friday & MyPoWriYe #114 - Poem

Happy Poetry Friday!  This poem is #9 in a Poetry Friday series of poems about poems and #114 in my quest to write and post a children's poem each day for one year.

As many of you know, the market is difficult for poetry right now.  Today's poem is simply a response to this harsh environment, a reminder to poems that we love them.

Today's Poetry Friday is hosted by Breanne at Language, Literacy, Love.  Please head over there for the complete weekly roundup of poems and poetry-joy...just waiting for readers like you.

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Linda said...

So many great lines here. Oh, that last stanza! Wow! "before I heard your cry/ I was lonely too." You are amazing!

Mary Lee said...

Yes, your poem and mine really talk to each other today! Poetry (art, music, literature) might not be popular in the marketplace, but they are all still so essential for LIFE.

jama said...

Love your poem, Amy! And your project of a poem a day for a year is fabulous! That last line really brought it all home. Thanks so much :).

Toby Speed said...

Nice, Amy. Yes, it doesn't matter whether we reach a thousand or a few. It's like the starfish made a difference to that starfish.

Author Amok said...

Oh -- I'm in love with this poem. It reminds me of William Stafford saying that getting up early to write every morning was the only way he could catch the poem. As if they are flying around on the air, just waiting for a poet to listen to what the poem wants.

Amy LV said...

Dear Linda, Mary Lee, Jama, Toby, and Laura,
I feel so fortunate to have my poetry friends visiting and commenting today. Thank you! Don't you feel like the poems really do just fly around waiting for people to give them a cuddle? Hooray for Poetry Friday, a day to snuggle poems and poet-friends too!

all things poetry said...


I loved your ending!

For poets, poetry sustains our lives. We are rich with words!

Laura Evans

Lynda S. said...

Amy, what a lovely bittersweet poem. It made me think of those little school friends who come to class, some of them, feeling uncared for... Mmmm. As always, beautiful, meaning-packed words, my friend.

Amy LV said...

I agree...we ARE rich with words! I loved reading your thoughts on AUTHOR AMOK yesterday and look forward to more of this conversation.
Thank you...I miss you, know that?
'Looking forward to holding your book.

RaihanahMM said...

I like this one. It 'spoke' to me :)

Amy LV said...

Thank you very much for your gentle words. Poems are good friends...