Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chin Puppets - MyPoWriYe #136

Three Chin Puppets
by Amy LV

This is another one of those "I have no idea where this poem came from" poems.  But honestly, chin puppets have always cracked me up.  In fact, I have a sudden urge to make one on my own chin right now.  Do be on the lookout for future photographs of chinfaces here at The Poem Farm.  There may be a series coming.  If you have a chin puppet photograph that you would like to share, please send it to me at amy at amylv dot com, and heck, maybe I'll do a whole post about them!

Students - we all need to laugh!  If you don't know what to write someday, and if it's getting you down...try to remember a time that you could not stop laughing.  I believe strongly that belly laughs are great for writer's block.  And if you don't have any funny memories, grab some face paints and make a chin puppet.  That'll do it!

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  1. I guess I've been under a rock -- never heard of chin faces or chin puppets. Gotta go get some google eyes and see what mine looks like!

  2. Mary Lee - do it. You will die laughing. I surprised my children with a chin puppet this morning (googly eyes, duct tape, small fleece blanket), and they were all over the place giggling. "Let me try! Let me try!" Make this your goal of the week. Hee hee!

  3. That's adorable!