Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Count - My Poem Writing Year #137

There is something about knowing how MANY TIMES you can do something that is very satisfying; quantifiable results offer a certain security.  Yesterday we went to the Wyoming County Fair in Pike, NY, and Henry asked me to time him as he scurried through the bouncy obstacle course.  He was quick - 18 seconds!  

I remember shooting lay-ups in our driveway, and I remember my personal high school record as 125 consecutive baskets.  I also remember trying to pogo stick as many times as I could.  These days, my family and I count rock-skips in the creek as well as number of shooting stars seen.  Sometimes it feels good to count.

Students - in what endeavors do you time yourself or count your achievements?  These very activities might be good writing topics.

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  1. ...and then, of course, there's that count that's up to ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN!!! Pat yourself on the back and do a little jump for joy! Way to go, and go, and go, and go!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Mary Lee. I honestly did not even think of that! Funny what late nights will do! Thank you so much - you're the best cheerleader - darn lucky students of yours! Counting 'til the conference...

  3. Amy LV is totally going to be one of my "Poets of the Month!" (No apostrophe needed there right? ) :)

    Lori :)

    Did you check my blog to see the poem that I wrote for you? Don't say anything if you hate it.... :)

  4. Lori,
    We are completely reading blogs at the same time! It's like a staring contest! You are sweet to consider me as a POTM. I hope you got the list. I looove the poem - made my night! Thank you! :)