Monday, August 30, 2010

My Job - MyPoWriYe #152

Woolly Bear
by Amy LV


I love woolly bears!  My children love woolly bears!  Who DOESN'T love wooly bears???  Last night I learned one more reason to love them:  woolly bears predict the weather.  In the land of folklore, anyway.  It is said that a large brown band in the middle means we can expect an easy winter.  A narrow brown band indicates an especially cold and snowy winter.  Now that I know this, I want to go out and check out a bunch of woolly bears to see what to expect this year.

Students - this poem came from something that my children actually do.  They rescue woolly bears.  When we ride our bikes down the road, they will stop  and shuttle a woolly bear (or any other critter) across to safety.  We laugh, all stopping, and yell, "Woolly Bear Crossing!"

For more information about woolly bears, check out this article from Green Futures.  Learn about Ohio's Woollybear Festival, or purchase some woolly bear cards and stickers here at Zazzle.

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  1. This is wonderfully happy. I have not seen a wooly bear in too long, but I can only feel happy at the song of the activity and the image of the crossing guard laughing team.

  2. Thank you, Joan! I will have to take a picture of a woolly bear for you. I'm not sure if I love them because of their adorable-factor or their whimsical and cozy name...

  3. My grandpa always predicted the weather based on this---triggered a memory I had forgotten

  4. Amy, Love it, love it, love it. I can already see reading this with my students when the first woolly bear is discovered during recess. I love hearing all of the folkore bits about woolly bears - many of them contradictory - such as the one that says the bands represent the seasons - the two black bands on the end are for fall and spring and the brown one in the middle is for winter. The longer the brown band, the longer the winter.
    Thanks for the poems!
    Bill M