Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #151 - solitaire

Grandma Florence Conolley Dreyer
Photo by ??

My maternal grandmother, Florence Conolley Dreyer (married to Norman Dreyer of the banjo), used to play cards with me when I was a little girl.  We'd sit at her shiny dining room table and play hours of Go Fish, Rummy, and Old Maid.  Grandma had a yellow Tupperware sugar bowl full of pennies, and somehow I always left that table with handfuls of change.  She has been gone for twelve years now, and I still wonder how many times she let me win.

I learned to play Solitaire from my grandmother, and I whiled away many an afternoon dealing those Bicycle cards into seven stacks and hoping that I would win.  Sometimes I did, but usually not.

This week, I keep finding my daughter Georgia playing Solitaire.  I taught her how to play, and when she lines up those rows of red and black, I think of Grandma and smile.

Here's a good book with lots of Solitaire games if you're interested in learning to play.

Students - Sometimes writing ideas come from where the past and present meet.  That's how I found this one.

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  1. I so enjoy you put together those great rhymes! What fun. Makes me think of the double and triple solitaire I used to play with my sisters. Had to stay honest! (Cheating at solitaire...that's something to ponder.)

  2. Grandma was stylin' in the 20's! Wow, we are coming up on the '20s again....

  3. The black and red alternating lines was a nice touch. May try my hand at another poem soon. It is amazing how differently you look at things when you have been surrounding yourself with poetry......drove past soe huge sunflowers on my way home....inspiring...

  4. Cecilia and Lori,
    I'm cracking up thinking about the '20s coming up again. I don't know how to play double and triple solitaire! Lori - I love those sunflower fields!