Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #143 - Hungry

This is one of our children's favorite breakfasts.  They can eat near a whole loaf of bread when it's Cinnamon Toast Day around here.  In fact, they pop so many slices in the toaster that I wanted to show it by repeating that stanza again and again and again.

Students - favorites, favorites, favorites.  What are yours?  Many writers like to make lists of all kinds of favorites.  This way, when we aren't sure what to write about, we can just check one of those lists to find something we love.

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  1. That seems like a great jump rope song, Amy, or maybe a hand-clapping song that gets faster and faster until you can't keep up.

    Listing favorites as springboards for poems is a good idea.

  2. Amy, this poem is Sweeeeet! Tabatha's comment is right on - I feel the rhythm of the jump rope swing!

  3. MMmmmm...cinnamon toast! Great memories are coming back...mmmm....

  4. Tabatha and Cecilia,
    Thank you...after reading your comments, I imagined myself jumping to this! It was fun, even though I was never that good of a jumper. I like Rebecca Kai Dotlich's book, OVER IN THE PINK HOUSE (full of such jump rope rhymes) so much!
    Mary Lee,
    Maybe you need a little shaker for your mixed cinnamon and sugar. Ours always seems to be empty! Yummy.