Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry Friday & #142 - Similarities


A sneeze can tickle you all day long.

A sneeze can come at once.  Ah- CHOO!

A sneeze can take you by surprise.

A poem can be like that too.

A sneeze is a poem.

A poem a sneeze.

Words and germs blow in the breeze.

(c) Amy LV

This is #13 in my Poetry Friday series of poems about poems.

Students - I often notice the different ways that people sneeze and wonder what a sneeze says about someone's personality.  Yesterday (in the shower), I began thinking how sneezes and poems are alike.  I believe both to be natural and healthy.  Let yours free...happy Poetry Friday!

For today's complete Poetry Friday roundup, visit Laura for a wonderful post about nursery rhymes as well as today's complete roundup.  The link to her blog - Teach Poetry K-12 - is in the left column.


  1. This poem is nothing to sneeze at! You just reminded me you can make poetry out of anything.

    Laura Evans

  2. I do my best thinking in the shower too!