Monday, August 16, 2010

My Project - My Poem Writing Year #138

Georgia, Knitter & Needle Felter Extraordinaire
Photo by Amy LV

Two Blue Ribbons & Off to the NYS State Fair!
Photo by Amy LV

This week is the Wyoming County Fair in Pike, NY.  For the past few years, Hope, Georgia, and Henry have been involved with 4-H, and it has been such a hearty and natural learning experience for them.  We love this just-right fair, with its animals and homemade exhibits, its treats and classic fair rides.

This year, Henry entered his first exhibits as a Cloverbud, earning many participation ribbons.  And both Hope and Georgia won several blue ribbons and have entries going on to the NY State Fair.  It is so exciting to make a project and then visit the fair, wondering, just wondering how you did.  Thank you to the leaders and all who make this lovely fair possible...the children will never forget these days.

Students - I got this poem idea from a feeling that I watched my daughter experience as she kept on walking through the 4-H building to see how her hats had fared in judging.  Sometimes we can find writing ideas in the experience of others, just watching and listening very carefully to what they say and do.

Over the next week, through Tuesday, August 24, we will be in Oregon, and a house and animal sitter will live here at Heart Rock Farm.  Internet access will be questionable on our travels, but I will do my best to keep up.  Please know that if a poem does not appear one day (or two...or three...), they will all catch up at the end.

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  1. Congrats to Georgia, what fabulous hats! Enjoy your trip ~ we may miss your poems for a few days, but the break is well deserved for you. ~Theresa

  2. Georgia, I love the hats! They are gorgeous! Wish I knew how to make something like that. Congratulations to Hope and Henry too for your fair projects. Have a great time in Oregon.

  3. Georgia, Hope, Henry, and I say, "Thank you!" From Oregon!