Thursday, August 26, 2010

MyPoWriYe #148 - Sea Glass

Seek and Find
by Amy LV

Last week found me walking the beaches of Camp Westwind in Oregon.  Watching Georgia toss starfish back into tides and combing sand with my toes, I found many new jewels for my sea glass collection.  As I spotted and chose from among the ocean's many offerings, I thought of Lilian Moore's poem, "Beach Glass".  It's wonderful have just the right poem in mind for life's little gifts.

To keep my new gems beautiful, this week I will put them in a jar full of water to keep these Pacific jewels looking glossy and grand.  So often I think back to the bottles that these bits of sea glass once were.  Last night, while writing, I imagined the broken bottle that will one day be a treasure for me.

Students - when I walk beaches, my eyes are like tiny flashlights searching out bits of blue and glints of green.  I adore sea glass, and my eyes don't leave the ground as I stroll along a sandy or rocky coast.  All of us look for things, seek small treasures and beauties. Such hidden surprises are wonderful places to find topics for writing.  What do you seek?  What small things fascinate you?

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  1. Love these poems! Such a creative writer!

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