Friday, August 27, 2010

Poetry Friday & #149 - Love Me Real

This is #14 in my Poetry Friday series of poems about poems.  

Students - today's poem is a mask poem, a poem written in the voice of someone else.  In this case, I decided to write the poem in the voice of...a poem!  Actually, I did not decide this at all.  This poem decided how it wanted to go, and I just listened.  Indeed, I tried to "love it real".  Sometimes when writing, we try too hard, try to force words and lines into life. It is important to do our best as writers, to take time to reread and revise our words. However, when we invite ideas to come to us, we must quiet down our bodies and our minds so that we can hear words and messages knocking on the windows of our hearts.  We can only do this when we are open and listening, not criticizing our newly born thoughts.

You can read a wonderful post about this idea of opening up to write at Jeannine Atkins' blog, Views from a Window Seat.  In this post, she explains her habit "to move my pen before making judgments."  Try this - allow yourself to trust and open up...

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Kate Coombs is hosting Poetry Friday over at Book Aunt today.  Click your heels (and your mouse) on over to find out what's happening in the blogosphere around children's poetry today.

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  1. Amy, I love the idea of words and messages "knocking on the windows of our hearts." I know hearts have rooms (chambers!) but never thought of them having windows! Thank you, thank you. C.

  2. Hi, Amy--

    I like this idea that our poems are all around, living in the air, waiting for us to recognize them, pluck them OUT of the air, and write them down. It suggests that there are poems out there for each of us, poems that only we can see and make real for others.

  3. Amy,
    I love this! It's just like poems and stories being "tucked into the corner of the day!" And the Velveteen Rabbit part works very well! It makes me smile.

  4. Cecilia, Heidi, and Lizzy,

    Thank you all for your kind words. I am sorry it took me so long to get back here. I'm honored to have three poets I admire here on my little comment page!

    Happy new Poetry Friday!